Crystal Bed Therapy (in person)

These sessions last one hour and incorporates intention setting, intuitive council. In addition to the vibrational therapies, Diana uses shamanistic techniques, cranial sacral,  and reiki as forms of energy work to attune the human energy field.

1. Setting Intentions

I begin a Stellarwaves 3.0 Crystal Bed session by listening. Tell me what's going on in your life. What do you hope to gain from this session? Physical ailments? Emotional disturbances? Anxiety? What's up? Lay it on me. 

Spending time actively listening to what's happening in your life, allows me to help you narrow your focus and define your intentions. With that direction, we can more accurately curate the flow of energy for maximum efficiency. As you begin to speak, my intuition kicks in, while we work together to fine-tune your focus. 

2. The Crystal Bed

In this portion of the session, I ask you to remove your shoes and relax on the  Stellarwaves 3.0 Crystal Light table. Here is where the energy balancing commences! It is an incredibly relaxing process that can take up anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. Your eyes are closed, and a blanket is provided if necessary.

I begin the session by leading you into a relaxed state through breathing…then cue the lights and music! Chromotherapy is filtered through 7 beautiful 1.2 million-year-old Vogel cut quartz crystal (cut in a very specific geometric formation to transduce and amplify energy), the magnets are working to release toxins and stimulate blood circulation, and hemi-sync frequencies will be playing to specifically target each aspect of your electromagnetic field's cleansing. It is a beautiful, special, and very intimate time of peaceful healing. 

3. Insights

Take your time coming back to full consciousness. Wiggle your toes. Awaken your senses. Have a drink of water. Come back to the physical body, and then... let's talk.

During the third portion of our session, I am listening to you share your experiences on the table, and will follow up with intuitive counsel and mentorship. Usually, people need a few tips for energetic self-care moving forward and direction on how best to maintain the state of high-vibration peace and acuity they experience with me on the table. 

4. Pricing:

NOTE: Pre-payment for all sessions is required to secure your appointment for healing, reading or class. Payments must be made on line while booking your most convenient time on our online calendar.

If you need to reschedule, please notify me 48 hours prior to date of class and your deposit will be refunded or applied to the next scheduled class. Thank you for your consideration

First time assessment and healing lasts 90 minutes $175
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***For your first session with me, please book an in person First Time Assessment Session, which incorporates both energetic cleansing and intuitive council. We clean house first, then go deeper! First time sessions last one and a half hours, make sure you come with plenty of time.

We use Stellarwaves Crystal Light Therapy Beds 4.0

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